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Project Management Process, PMBOK, SDLC, PMO, SOX Compliance


BOT International is a pioneer and market leading provider of productized offerings for PMO content. We seek to help project organizations of all shapes and sizes save time and money in the setup of PMO and project related content.

Dedicated To Providing Customizable PMO Content

We are dedicated to providing customizable PMO content that you can quickly set up, customize, rebrand and use. We do this by providing Processes On Demand, a complete PMO content repository, that is designed to work with your existing IT infrastructure, project management applications, and end user tools.

Far more than a static project management methodology and collection of templates, Processes On Demand is a PMO-grade repository of content that promotes standardization and enables high levels of project management capabilities to be demonstrated.

Processes On Demand provides not just the "what" of what is to be done, but the "who, when, where, and why" of what is to be done as well.

Improving Results Through Effective Standardization

Processes On Demand enables you to quickly set up, effectively use, and continuously improve your PMO content such as processes, templates, dashboards, online learning, and supporting project management reference materials.

With Processes On Demand:

  • The PMO can provide a single repository for all PMO content
  • Users can access standardized processes, templates and supporting information
  • Executives can access PMO dashboards
  • Trainers can use and students can access online learning

Processes On Demand works because your PMO practices and supporting information is not just documented and stored away as a collection of folders and files, rather they are made easy to access and easy to use as a complete PMO content repository.

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