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Processes On Demand Benefits



More than 1,000 organizations have chosen Processes On Demand over other alternatives and approaches for setting up PMO content. PMOs of all shapes and sizes have enjoyed a rapid payback and return on their investment.

Key Benefits Of Processes On Demand

Processes On Demand provides numerous benefits to organizations seeking to set up PMO content that is easy to access and use. Below are some of the key benefits that organizations realize with Processes On Demand.

  • Standardization
  • Complementary
  • Learning
  • Rapid Setup
  • Cost Effective
A Single Repository For All PMO Content

Processes On Demand is an HTML-based PMO content repository for the rapid setup and standardization of PMO processes, templates, dashboards, learning resources, and supporting information. Processes On Demand saves an organization considerable time and money over other alternatives in the setup, use, and ongoing maintenance of PMO content.

With Processes On Demand, all involved with projects speak a common language, follow a common process, and access a single repository of standardized processes.

Works With Your Existing Tools

Processes On Demand works with your existing or planned PPM software, collaboration environment, and practitioner tools enabling users to effectively manage projects and to know about and use the software and tool sets of the PMO.

Just-In-Time Learning

Processes On Demand contains multi-media learning modules that enable project managers to hone their skills, project participants to prepare for meetings, and management to familiarize themselves with key areas of the project process relative to their leadership team duties.

Installed And Customized In Two Days

Processes On Demand can be set up in two days with all screens and templates modified to show your company's logo and look and feel. Typically, organizations can spend six months to a year to develop their PMO content from scratch.

Cost Effective

Processes On Demand is often less that 10% of the cost you would incur to build a similar capability that would be less rich in information, functionality, and ease of use.

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PMO Templates
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PMO Learning