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Business Driven PMO Setup

Business Driven PMO Setup, by Mark Price Perry

Business Driven PMO Setup
Practical Insights, Techniques and Case Examples for Ensuring Success

By Mark Price Perry
Hardcover, 6x9, 494 pages
ISBN: 978-1-60427-013-6
Published by J. Ross Publishing, May 2009
Retail Price $79.95
Purchase now at J. Ross Publishing $69.95
Read the Reviews | About the Book | Key Features | Table of Contents | About the Author

Read The Reviews

"Business Driven PMO Setup is the most practical book available on this often confusing subject. Use it as you set up a new PMO or revitalize an existing one. Each chapter will get you laser-focused on what’s really important. In today’s competitive environment, that’s the ONLY way to get it right.” - Dave Garrett, PMO 2.0 Visionary and CEO of

“The PMO is the bridge between projects and business. With his five-dimensional approach, Mark Perry defines the roadmap for a PMO that operates in strategic corporate space, as well as in functional departments. A practical guide supported by true expertise and in-depth considerations.” - Gunes Sahillioglu, PMO Expert and President of Excellix

About The Book

Extending upon the many traditional program/project management office (PMO) books that present theoretical concepts and knowledge, Business Driven PMO Setup presents practical experiences and wisdom for those responsible for, belonging to, and served by a PMO. This book is rooted in the shared experiences and business settings of all PMOs and it is organized to provide the reader with actionable solutions to the problems and execution difficulties that PMOs face.

Most PMO books are written by academics, trainers and consultants from the PM community and present academic or theoretical approaches and models that too often fail. The more sophisticated books tend to be limited in application to the larger or more advanced project management organizations. This unique reference presents new material not available in other books that is applicable to PMOs of all shapes and sizes. It challenges and calls into question various traditional approaches and strategies for the PMO citing examples and explaining when and why such academic and theoretical approaches are wrong.

Business Driven PMO Setup was written with contributions by over 20 veteran line executives who either directly manage PMOs, have PMOs reporting to them, or are subject matter experts that service them. These veterans with centuries of business acumen managing both US and foreign companies, divisions, and departments provide valuable insights into ensuring the PMO is setup correctly and remains focused on meeting the needs of the business for which the PMO was created to serve.

Many PMOs are often vulnerable in terms of their continued existence. PMOs with a business mindset never have to sell or promote themselves internally, explain what they do, or worry about funding or their existence. This book establishes a clear bottom-line business mindset and practical approach that any PMO can adopt.

Key Features

  • Shows how to setup a business driven PMO using an extensively proven roadmap adaptable to any type or size of organization that consists of Vision, Processes, Training, Tools, Organization, and Assessment
  • Delivers the key tips, tools, and techniques that enable a PMO to achieve success
  • Offers practical insights supported by real case examples beneficial to PMOs of all shapes and sizes
  • Provides a unique discussion of “Lines of Business PMOs” which can be of tremendous value to organizations
  • Presents a first-hand discussion of the development of PMI’s Organizational Project Management Maturity Model (OPM3)® and demonstrates, using real examples, that through the implementation of OPM3®, organizations can design their PMOs to fit the organizations those PMO’s serve, focusing on the integrated agenda of building process capability while orchestrating a culture transformation

Table Of Contents

Chapter 1: Mission, Goals and Objectives — Business Driven vs. Theory Driven
Chapter 2: Organization — Constituent Oriented vs. Inwardly Focused
Chapter 3: Managing Projects — Think Process, Not Methodology
Chapter 4: Managing the PMO — Embracing Flexibility vs. Mandating Conformance
Chapter 5: PMO Tools — Establishing a PMO Architecture vs. Implementing a Tool
Chapter 6: Executive Reporting — Keeping It Simple
Chapter 7: PMO Leadership — MBWA 2.0 vs. The Meeting Manager
Chapter 8: Project Management Leadership — Servant Leader vs. Subject Matter Expert
Chapter 9: Creating High Performance Teams
Chapter 10: Establishing a PMO — A Practical Roadmap
Chapter 11: Line of Business PMOs — The Ubiquitous Nature of Project Management
Chapter 12: Advancing Organizational Project Management — From Theory to Practice
Chapter 13: PMO Passion — Where does it come from?

About The Author

Mark Price Perry Mark Price Perry founded BOT International, a boutique project management firm, in 1999 and has become a widely recognized expert in PMO setup at BOT International where he has led over twenty Japan/China market entry engagements and has implemented Processes On Demand in over 100 PMOs in North America, Asia Pacific, Europe, and Latin America.

Largely as a result of years of experience in PMO setup work with companies and organizations of all sizes and with talented project management practitioners of all disciplines, Mr. Perry is a subject matter expert in the practical application of project portfolio management (PPM) applications, collaboration platforms, and PMO content assets.

Mr. Perry is also the author of Business Driven Project Portfolio Management - Conquering the Top 10 Risks that Threaten Success (2011) and Business Driven PMO Success Stories - Across Industries and Around the World (2013). Mr. Perry is also the host of “The PMO Podcast”, the leading podcast for PMOs of all shapes and sizes with over 270 podcast episodes to date.

Prior to founding BOT International, Mr. Perry had a 17 year career with IBM including positions as the IBM AS/400 Division Telecommunications Industry Manager based in New York, the IBM Asia Pacific AS/400 Channels Manager based in Tokyo, and the IBM Asia Pacific AS/400 General Manager for Southeast Asia and South Asia based in Singapore. Following IBM, Mr. Perry was the Vice President and Managing Director of Singapore based Saville Systems Asia Pacific, a leading provider of billing and customer care solutions, and Vice President of Hong Kong based Entrust Greater China, a leading provider of identity management and digital security solutions.

PMO Workshops And Seminars By The Author

PMO Workshops and Seminars by the author (PMO Workshops and Seminars by Mark Price Perry) on Business Driven PMO Setup using this book, as well as other speaking engagements and inquiries about setting up a PMO are available by contacting BOT International at or toll-free at 1-307-366-6547 or by contacting the author directly at

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