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Eliminating "Us And Them"

Elinating Us and Them

Eliminating "Us and Them" - Making IT and the Business One

By Steve Romero
Paperback, 6x9, 252 pages
ISBN: 978-1-43023-644-3
Published by Apress, June 2011
Retail Price $20.11
Purchase now at $18.96
Read the Reviews | About the Book | Key Features | Table of Contents | About the Author

Read The Reviews

"I've been in the IT industry for 30 years and the thing that struck me about Steve's book was that I realized that a lot of us are starting to take the Us and Them thing as just the way it is. For as long as I can remember most IT shops struggled trying to understand the businesses they were supporting and most Business Units didn't really have a clue about what it took to run an IT Shop. Steve's book really gets to the heart of the matter and lays out the Governance path to solving this age old issue. Its not an easy path and many companies fail but Steve does a good job of painting the after picture and the business case for stickin' with it. I really liked the concept of process centric vs function centric organizations. That discussion shed a lot of light on certain IT and Business Unit behaviors. Great book Steve - I highly recommend it for both IT and Business managers/leaders trying to figure out how to get onto the same page.” - Stuart Quinn

"This is an excellent book that applies common sense to one of the biggest obstacles facing the IT industry today. It is very insightful and addresses how organizational behavior shapes how successful we are at bridging the gap between the business and IT. I have post-it notes all through this book marking the pages with the tidbits of wisdom that I plan to use in meetings with my management team! .” - April Cross

About The Book

Challenging popular notions of what it takes for IT organizations to succeed, IT governance evangelist at CA Technologies Steve Romero presents many of the theories and ideas around IT governance, the key components of successful process management, and behavioral management as key factors in IT's success.

The topic of IT governance has never been more popular than it is today. Almost every organization recognizes the need to establish sound IT governance, and almost every enterprise is still very immature when it comes to the discipline. This book challenges and calls into question the traditional approaches and strategies for running IT organizations. The concepts presented in the book are timeless, but reflect the recent changes in the organization's view of the role of the IT department. IT can become a major asset to an organization, often even becoming "the product" in today's Internet-based sales environment. Eliminating "Us and Them" discusses these changes and presents three areas that contribute most to the change from an alienated and oft-despised department to a key tool for organizational success:

  • An in-depth understanding of IT governance, which has never been more popular than it is today.
  • An in-depth understanding of process and process management, a discipline that more and more enterprises are investing in and establishing formal organizational constructs to enable and support.
  • A case-study view of how an enterprise can establish, promote and instill the values that foster positive behaviors in every person in the organization, with the intent of influencing their ability to realize enterprise goals.

Romero's insights are based on more than 30 years working in IT and over four years as an IT governance evangelist, traveling around the world, speaking at hundreds of events, and visiting more than 100 companies espousing the approach in this book.

Key Features

  • Provides an acute understanding of IT governance and shows how to engage the topic from a business perspective or an IT perspective.
  • Offers in-depth insights into the discipline of process management.
  • Presents the art and science of process management and gives a much greater ability to successfully establish and maintain business processes.
  • Explains how behavior influences enterprise success and ways to foster behaviors necessary for enterprise success.

Table Of Contents

  • Chapter 1 - Us and Them
  • Chapter 2 - When IT is "us" and "Them"
  • Chapter 3 - Falling in Love with IT Governance
  • Chapter 4 - The State of IT Governance
  • Chapter 5 - IT Governance Decisions
  • Chapter 6 - IT Governance Mechanisms
  • Chapter 7 - IT Governance Processes
  • Chapter 8 - Beginning the IT Governance Journey
  • Chapter 9 - Process (and Why Everyone Hates It)
  • Chapter 10 - How I Fell in Love with Process
  • Chapter 11 - Barriers to Process
  • Chapter 12 - Understanding Process
  • Chapter 13 - Process Design
  • Chapter 14 - Process Implementation
  • Chapter 15 - Process Management
  • Chapter 16 - Process Roles
  • Chapter 17 - Process Governance
  • Chapter 18 - Employee Empowerment
  • Chapter 19 - The Link Between Behavior Management, IT Governance and Process
  • Chapter 20 - The Critical Nature of Enterprise Values
  • Chapter 21 - Process-centric Values and Behaviors
  • Chapter 22 - The Challenge of Behavior Management
  • Chapter 23 - Walking the Talk
  • Chapter 24 - Why Hasn't IT Fixed It
  • Chapter 25 - IT Governance, Process, and Organizational Behavior
  • Index

About The Author

Terry Doerscher Steve Romero is a globally recognized IT governance evangelist and IT business value strategist. His mission is to help enterprises realize the full potential of their IT investments for strategic and competitive advantage. He speaks around the world to users, prospective clients, industry organizations and IT luminaries to identify and communicate leading advances in business governance of IT.

Mr. Romero is an innovative, passionate IT professional with over 30 years of experience working in almost every area of IT. For the past 15 years his career has focused on helping large enterprises transform their IT organizations from cost centers to strategic assets. Steve is a recognized expert in business governance of IT, Project and Portfolio Management (PPM), IT/Business processes, and business process management. He is a Certified Project Management Professional, a Certified Information Systems Security Professional, ITIL Foundation Certified, a Certified Process Master, and a Certified Computer Professional.

Romero’s extensive technical and IT leadership background started in the US Navy before joining Pacific Bell where he founded numerous ground-breaking governance processes. He then joined Pacific Technology Consulting to establish and lead their Technology Project Management consulting practice. Romero worked at Charles Schwab and the California State Automobile Association where he resumed leading the establishment of formal process management and IT Governance processes. He spent the past 5 years as CA Technologies IT Governance Evangelist and Vice President in their Strategy and Innovation Group.

Mr. Romero is a member of the Information Systems Security Association (ISSA) and the Project Management Institute (PMI). He is a San Francisco Chapter committee member of the Information Systems Audit and Control Association (ISACA), and a Past-President of the Information Technology Service Management Forum (itSMF) San Francisco Local Interest Group. He is a Board Member for the Center for Electronic Business at San Francisco State University, and is a regular guest lecturer in their Master’s Program. He is the author of the CA Press book, “Eliminating ‘Us and Them’ – Making IT and the Business One.”

PMO Workshops And Seminars By The Author

PPM Workshops and Seminars by the author (PMO Workshops and Seminars by Steve Romero) on Portfolio Management using this book, as well as other speaking engagements and inquiries about setting up a PMO are available by contacting BOT International at or toll-free at 1-877-239-3430 or by contacting the author directly at

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