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Processes On Demand FAQs



Listed below are frequently asked questions about Processes On Demand. We invite you to contact us to discuss your PMO environment, specific areas of need, and any additional questions you may have.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Processes On Demand?
Processes On Demand is an HTML-based PMO content repository for the rapid setup and standardization of PMO processes, templates, dashboards, learning resources, and supporting information. Processes On Demand saves an organization considerable time and money over other alternatives in the setup, use, and ongoing maintenance of PMO content.
How is Processes On Demand installed and customized?
Processes On Demand can be installed on a web server or network fileshare. Processes On Demand provides an administrator's guide with comprehensive instructions for installation and customization. All of the Processes On Demand content such as HTML pages, process workflows, project management templates, and supporting files are completely customizable.
What are the system requirements for Processes On Demand?
Processes On Demand requires 16gb of network disk space. Processes On Demand is content only, meaning that there is no functional application component or database.
How is Processes On Demand licensed and priced?
Processes On Demand is site licensed and priced as a one-time-license fee offering that includes the Processes On Demand PMO content repository, unlimited internal user access, and a setup program. To receive pricing information or a price quote for your organization, contact BOT.
After the initial setup, is ongoing support provided?
After the initial setup, Processes On Demand customers receive ongoing support by way of email, web conferencing, and phone.
Are there any per user fees or annual maintenance fees?
No, there are no per user monthly fees or recurring annual fees of any kind.
In what industries and PMO types is Processes On Demand suitable?
Processes On Demand is used in all major industries and PMO types such as enterprise PMOs, IT PMOs, Professional Services PMOs, Center of Excellence PMOs, and line of business program offices. For customer references by industry and/or PMO type, contact BOT.
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