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Business Driven PMO Podcasts by Mark Price Perry

Hosted by Mark Price Perry, The PMO Podcast provides insights and ideas to help you set up and manage your PMO. Each episode of the PMO Podcast consists of the following segments:

  • The PMO Podcast Points Memo
  • The PMO Podcast Featured Story
  • The PMO Podcast Mailbag

The PMO Podcast - Selected Episodes

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Listener Reviews

Great Shows, Great Format..!
The PMO Podcast is well worth listening to. I especially like the ten minute format of the show which provides interesting interviews of insightful topics, pointed commentary often with a twist, and the listener mailbag - usually a tip or a question. I enjoy listening to the short, information rich episodes, from my iPod on the way into work and often a second time from my PC in the office with colleagues. Keep up the shows and keep up the twists and surprises. Anne B, PMO Manager

An Excellent Listen..!
The PMO Podcast touches upon both challenges and topics of interest to managers of PMOs. Each show provides something to learn by and something to be amused by. The interviews are very good and the opinion pieces always make a good, and memorable, point. The 10 minute format of the show is ideally suited for listening on the go, between meetings, and during breaks. Very nice show..! Charlie S, PMO Manager