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Business Driven PMO Workshops by Mark Price Perry

Conducted in over 50 countries around the world, Mark Price Perry facilitates a case example based, highly interactive workshop that challenges the traditional approaches to PMO setup and management and offers a business-driven approach that is rooted in practical application, business acumen and leadership skills.

PMO Thought Leadership by Mark Price Perry
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The following workshops are scheduled. Due to the highly interactive nature of the workshops, attendance is limited to 36 particpants.

Business Driven PMO Setup and Management
  • July 13-14, 2021 - Orlando, Florida
  • October 12-13, 2021 - Scottsdale, Arizona

Workshop Modules

The PMO Workshop is two days in duration and consists of the following four modules.

Module 1: The Purpose of the PMO

Research conducted by Mark Price Perry has shown that 83% project management professionals and business executives do not know the purpose of their PMOs. Many mistakenly believe that the purpose of the PMO is to establish and maintain standards for the management of projects while others think it is to provide PMO services, reporting, and support functions. And for organizations setting up a new PMO, there is no surer way to invite PMO difficulties than to rush into a cookie‐cutter "people, process, tools" strategy and to "sell the PMO"—an approach still advocated by many today. This first module in the PMO workshop engages participants in a highly interactive session that reveals and corrects common misguided PMO strategies, while highlighting select opportunities to make your PMO approach driven by specific business needs and clear value rather than generic PMO models and assumed benefits. Perry will also present a bouquet of real‐life PMO success stories based upon his third book in the Business Driven PMO series, Business Driven PMO Success Stories (2013).

Module 2: The Purpose of Project Management

Research conducted by Mark Price Perry has shown that 77% of project management professions and business executives do not know the purpose of project management. Many mistakenly believe that the purpose of project management is to deliver the project on time and on budget while others think it is to follow a standardized methodology to control project activities. In this second module of the PMO workshop, Perry uses case study examples and team exercises that reveal the purpose of project management and that provide tips and techniques for understanding the business context of the project and the stakeholder biases for the project which are required in order to best apply project management as a business driven discipline. Perry will also show common mistakes made in executive reporting and demonstrate the three key dashboard items that enable executives to better understand, discuss, and make decisions about their projects.

Module 3: Organizational-wide Project Management

Research conducted by Mark Price Perry has shown that 79% of project management professionals and business executives do not know the organizational-wide project management activities underway throughout their businesses, the collective value of the projects, the approaches being taken in the management of the projects, and the risks being incurred throughout the course of the projects. Many mistakenly believe that organizational project management is the execution of strategy through projects while others think it is the improvement of plan-driven project management processes used within an enterprise level PMO. In this third module of the PMO workshop, Perry presents an organizational-wide project management model that provides a 2x2 analysis grid that positions the kinds of projects from formal to informal that exist throughout the organization and the kinds of techniques best suited for the management of these projects from plan-driven best practices to the principles of complex adaptive systems. Providing a broader view of organizational project management, Perry reveals the many opportunities for projects and for PMOs that exist throughout the organization, span the enterprise both deep and wide, and that reside at all levels of the organizational and management hierarchy.

Module 4: Open Space Meeting

Open Space Meetings are an amazingly powerful way to explore issues, discuss ideas, and achieve breakthrough thinking. Open Space Meetings are particularly useful for fully engaging all those who are truly passionate about and committed to a subject. Arguably, there is no greater shared bond that PMO practitioners have than their collective passion and commitment to the value proposition of a well-conceived, established, and run PMO. This fourth and last module of the PMO workshop utilizes the Open Space Meeting approach to tackle the top PMO-related issues, opportunities, and topics of the workshop attendees. Participants will sit in a circle, put up a bulletin board, and get to work sharing their perspectives, ideas, and convictions for tips and techniques essential to PMO success as well as common mistakes and mishaps to be aware of in order to avoid PMO execution difficulties.

What You Will Learn
  • The top reasons why PMOs fail
  • The concepts and foundational building blocks of a business-driven PMO
  • Techniques for establishing the purpose and value of the PMO
  • How to establish goals and measurable objectives to measure PMO performance
  • How to find and stay in The PMO Magic Quadrant
  • The purpose and practical value of The Project Management Triangle
  • The practical application of project management techniques relative to the business context of and stakeholder bias for the project
  • How to effectively report and dashboard the status of projects to executives
  • How to understand and best address organizational-wide project management
  • How to recognize opportunities for organizational-wide PMOs
  • How to leverage both the techniques of plan-driven project management and the principles Complex Adaptive Systems
  • How to recognize career opportunities for PMO managers based upon specific needs of the business as determined by the leadership team
  • How to conduct and participate in PMO-related Open Space Meetings
  • How to use Open Space Meetings to share ideas and address complex PMO-related issues and opportunities
Workshop Testimonials
  • "The Business Driven PMO Workshop provides both a clear view into what causes PMO failure and an actionable approach to ensure a business driven success. As a result of this workshop, we will be immediately refining our PMO strategy." - PMI PMO Symposium, Dallas, United States, PMO Manager  
  • "I value Perry’s willingness to contradict leading PMI opinions and other such propaganda eroding the potential real value that a PMO can bring. Great business-driven PMO examples and advice." - PMI PMO Symposium, Dallas, United States, PMO Director  
  • "As a result of this PMO workshop, I am able to address some fundamental concerns current for our PMO. On account of this workshop, I have some new objectives to incorporate into our strategy to improve expectations for success." -  Business Driven PMO Workshop, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, PMO Director  
  • "This workshop was the most relevant PMO training that we have ever received. It seemed to us Perry’s case example exercises of what not to do were taken from our own company. Excellent insights and advice; we look forward to adopting it." -  Business Driven PMO Workshop, Abu Dhabi, UAE, Senior Project Manager  
  • "The event certainly meet my expectations and gave an alternative approach to setting up a PMO" - Business Driven PMO Workshop, Amsterdam, Netherlands, Project Office Team Manager
  • "Exceeded my expectations. Great insights and viewpoints as well as depth of detail." - Business Driven PMO Workshop, London, England, PMO Director
  • "Excellent workshop. Thought provoking, stimulating and very enjoyable." – Business Driven PMO Workshop, Dublin, Ireland, Management Consultant
  • "I highly agree with Perry’s contention that PMOs must be driven by business need and continually refined. The techniques presented for how to do this were excellent." – Business Driven PMO Workshop, Geneva, Switzerland, PMO Director
  • "In a few short hours, Perry touched upon all of the key issues that our PMO has been struggling with and provided tips, techniques, and case examples for ensuring the success of our PMO. I would highly recommend this workshop for anyone setting up a new or improving an existing PMO." – Business Driven PMO Workshop, Auckland, New Zealand, PMO Manager
  • "This workshop challenged our thinking about project management and PMO management. The case examples and workshop exercises that Perry led us through were like a mini-MBA." – Business Driven PMO Workshop, Melbourne, Australia, PMO Director
  • "Perry’s Business Driven PMO workshop provides a practical roadmap for ensuring PMO success that any organization can adopt." – Business Driven PMO Workshop, Singapore, Senior Project Manager
  • "This workshop helped us correct the course for our PMO. Very practical and usable advice." – Business Driven PMO Workshop, Lagos, Nigeria, PMO Manager
  • "My entire paradigm of what a PMO is and what it should do has been challenged. Perry has given us much to think about and has excited all of us on the value that a business driven PMO delivers." – Business Driven PMO Workshop, Accra, Ghana, Senior Project Manager
  • "Going into this workshop, we felt that we were a highly mature PMO. After Perry’s presentment of business driven PMO strategy and organizational wide project management maturity, we now realize that we are just getting started. I highly recommend this workshop for all PMO professionals." – Business Driven PMO Workshop, Sao Paulo, Brazil, PMO Manager