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PMO Learning

PMO Learning

Processes On Demand provides online learning in multi-media format including certification training, basic project management training, and supporting project management reference material.

Online Learning

Processes On Demand provides a online learning designed to help PMO Managers save time and money in both developing internal training and learning materials as well as minimizing outside fee-based training costs. The Processes On Demand online learning includes:

  • A 50 hour multi-media project management certification training resource (150 episodes)
  • A two day project management basics workshop resource (250+ slides)
  • A project management information center
    • Cost benefits analysis techniques
    • Earned value management techniques
    • Risk management techniques
    • Frequently asked questions
    • Project management glossary of terms

Additionally, the learning assets of Processes On Demand are designed to be customized and rebranded and can be mixed and matched with a PMO's already existing project management training and learning assets.


"The learning assets of Processes On Demand enabled us to provide high quality, on demand learning resulting in significantly less disruption to projects and project teams not to mention a reduction of more than 50% in our training and certification costs." -- PMO Manager, IT PMO

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PMO Learning