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Processes On Demand

Processes On Demand

Processes On Demand

Processes On Demand is a repository of PMO content that you can rapidly set up, rebrand with your own logos, and hyperlink connect to components of your PMO architecture such as PPM tools and collaboration environments.

Product Overview

Click on the link below to view a three minute narrated presentation that provides an executive overview of Processes On Demand.

Project Management Process, PMBOK, SDLC, PMO, SOX Compliance Processes On Demand - Executive Overview (3 minutes)

Processes On Demand provides a complete set of PMO content including:

  • Processes
  • Templates
  • Dashboards
  • Learning
Project Management Processes

Processes On Demand enables the PMO to provide a single place where users can find and use all of the processes and supporting guidance of the PMO for managing projects and project-related work. Processes On Demand comes with processes for project management, SDLC, change management, procurement management, and portfolio management which can be used as-is, tailored, or added to and each process guides the user through effective use by providing project type guidance, visual process workflows, process step guidance, templates and checklist, and supporting project management reference material.

Project Management Templates

Processes On Demand project management and SDLC templates are accessed from intuitive, visual process workflows and process step guidance screens that guide the user through the process. Key features of the project management and SDLC templates include:

  • Document Protection. Users can not type over or accidentally delete headings, formatting, and instructions.
  • Form Field Enabled. Users simply tab from field to field and enter the appropriate information.
  • F1 and Status Bar Help. Users are provided with F1 and Status Bar help for every form field of every template making the templates easier to use and rich in help content.
  • Macros for template rebranding. Provided are macros that automatically rebrand the Processes On Demand templates with your own logos and document headers.
Executive Summary, Schedule, Cost, And Risk Dashboards

Processes On Demand provides a dashboarding template and four dashboard pages; summary status view, schedule view, cost view, and risk view. The Processes On Demand dashboards enable the PMO to provide executives with a filtered view of the top projects of the PMO, a context of the performance and current status of the top projects of the PMO, and a call to action that flags and summarizes projects in need of executive action. The Processes On Demand dashboards complement real-time PPM application dashboards and periodically prepared project status reports.

Online Learning

Processes On Demand provides online learning designed to help PMO Managers save time and money in both developing internal training and learning materials as well as minimizing outside fee-based training costs. The Processes On Demand online learning includes:

  • A 50 hour multi-media project management certification training resource (150 episodes)
  • A two day project management basics workshop resource (250+ slides)
  • A project management information center
    • Cost benefits analysis techniques
    • Earned value management techniques
    • Risk management techniques
    • Frequently asked questions
    • Project management glossary of terms

Additionally, the learning assets of Processes On Demand are designed to be customized and rebranded and can be mixed and matched with a PMO's already existing project management training and learning assets.

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PMO Templates
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PMO Learning