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Taming Change With Portfolio Management

Taming Change With Portfolio Management

Taming Change With Portfolio Management - Unify Your Organization, Sharpen Your Strategy, and Create Measurable Value

By Pat Durbin and Terry Doerscher
Hardcover, 6x9, 361 pages
ISBN: 978-1-60832-038-7
Published by Greenleaf Book Group Press, July 2010
Retail Price $24.95
Purchase now at $18.96
Read the Reviews | About the Book | Key Features | Table of Contents | About the Author

Read The Reviews

"Taming Change provides terrific additions to the toolkit for leaders who are continually challenged to do more with less. It offers insightful and pragmatic descriptions on how to use portfolio management to improve performance.” - Jeff Hawn, Chairman, President, and CEO, Attachmate Corporation

"Taming Change will undoubtedly help you build and defend market leadership using portfolio management principles to identify strategies, communicate course changes, and make the best use of your people and money.” - Greg Peters, Chairman, President, and CEO, Zilliant

Taming Change with Portfolio Management is a 2011 Axiom Award recipient, an honor that recognizes the best business books from independent publishers.

About The Book

Taming Change with Portfolio Management is a powerful presentation of the cutting-edge discipline of portfolio management applied to organization-wide change events. The most effective leaders approach change as a powerful force to be anticipated and leveraged. They tame change by managing it in a comprehensive and systematic way. Portfolio management offers proven tools and techniques to unify how an organization harnesses the power of change to create measurable value.

Taming Change with Portfolio Management begins with an introduction to the relentless change that impacts our personal and professional lives. It then provides practical steps to effectively use your organization's capacities to meet the dynamic demands that it faces. Finally, it provides the tools and advice you need to confidently implement portfolio management in your organization.

With more than 50 years of combined industry experience, Pat Durbin and Terry Doerscher have collaborated on this 352 page book of management expertise and practical guidance, brought to life with more than 60 illustrations. While hundreds of books have been written about various portions of the portfolio ecosystem, this is the first book to address organization-wide change management. Get your copy of this take-action guide to harnessing the power of change with the cutting-edge discipline of portfolio management.

Key Features

  • Presents the business case for implementing portfolio management
  • Explains the principles of integrated portfolio management
  • Discusses how operational planning is related to PPM success
  • Explains the investment analysis process and techniques
  • Provides practical techniques for managing work and resources
  • Offers a framework and practices for implementing project portfolio management
  • Defines the role of the PMO as a portfolio management office
  • Additional resources and value add downloads available at

Table Of Contents

  • Section 1 - The Case for Action
    • Chapter 1 - Adapting to Change
    • Chapter 2 - Managing Knowledge Workers
    • Chapter 3 - Using Processes to Manage Change
  • Section 2 - Principles of Portfolio Management
    • Chapter 4 - Portfolio Management Concepts
    • Chapter 5 - Building Portfolio Information
    • Chapter 6 - Managing Demand and Capacity
  • Section 3 - Operational Planning
    • Chapter 7 - Operational Planning Concepts
    • Chapter 8 - The Operational Planning Process
    • Chapter 9 - Financial Capacity Planning
    • Chapter 10 - Resource Capacity Planning
  • Section 4 - Investment Analysis
    • Chapter 11 - The Investment Analysis Process
    • Chapter 12 - Analyzing Individual Investments
    • Chapter 13 - Developing Investment Portfolios
  • Section 5 - Managing Execution
    • Chapter 14 - Managing Work Intake
    • Chapter 15 - Managing Work and Resources
  • Section 6 - Implementing Portfolio Management
    • Chapter 16 - The Portfolio Management Office
    • Chapter 17 - Creating a Portfolio Process Map
    • Chapter 18 - Leveraging Technology
    • Chapter 19 - Implementing Portfolio Management
    • Chapter 20 - Summary
  • Index

About The Author

Terry Doerscher Terry Doerscher is a recognized, world-leading expert in Project Portfolio Management (PPM) and IT Governance with three decades of experience as a practitioner and consultant in strategic planning; PMO management; work and resource management; business process integration; organizational change; and portfolio management.

Mr. Doerscher has advised more than a hundred organizations as a Project and Portfolio Management (PPM) consultant, including McDonalds, John Deere, ADP, Citi, Deutschbank, Wells Fargo, Walgreens, Hallmark, and Exxon. Mr. Doerscher is known for his thought leadership in developing practices aligned to the challenges of modern business, and actively shares his domain expertise through writing, industry presentations and workshops. He is the co-author of Taming Change with Portfolio Management (Durbin & Doerscher, 2010, Greenleaf Book Group), and is a contributing author to several other books, including Mark Price Perry's Business Driven series and the PMI PMOSIG Program Management Handbook. His contemporary work is recognized as a catalyst for redefining the role of the modern corporate PMO.

Following submarine service in the US Navy, Mr. Doerscher spent 18 years in the commercial nuclear utility industry, in roles including initial plant testing and operation; outage manager; reliability engineer; project manager and coordinator; program manager; and PMO manager. He then spent 12 years with a leading PPM software provider, as a senior consultant, director of US consulting, and as Chief Process Architect.

Terry received his formal engineering education in the US Navy Nuclear Power Program. He is a long-time member of PMI and the Program Management Office Community of Practice; is ITIL v.3 Foundation certified; and is a Certified Process Design Engineer (CPDE). In addition to his work with BOT, Terry is retained by Planview in their Expert-In-Residence program. He is a founding director and member of the board of the Enterprise Management Association – International. Terry is based out of the Austin, Texas area.

PMO Workshops And Seminars By The Author

PPM Workshops and Seminars by the author (PMO Workshops and Seminars by Terry Doerscher) on Portfolio Management using this book, as well as other speaking engagements and inquiries about setting up a PMO are available by contacting BOT International at or toll-free at 1-877-239-3430 or by contacting the author directly at

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